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Ever wonder what a 90+ mph fastball to the grill feels like?

Delino DeShields Jr. can tell you.

Tonight’s ESPN 30 for 30 documentary debuted on the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough Stadium disaster which cost 96 Liverpool F.C. supporters their lives.

The doc is a riveting account of the incidents that occurred on the day and the arduous process that those people still affected by the tragedy have gone through in the name of justice.

A must-watch, whether you care about soccer or not.


Someone asked us recently how to be a proper hockey fan during the NHL playoffs and they start tomorrow! Which makes this extremely important. 

So here I am, in gif glory, How to be a Hockey Fan: During the Playoffs 

Let’s go Blueshirts!

The numbers may be from 2012, but I love a good infographic and I can assure you that fantasy football is still continuing to grow.

If you work for a company that blocks your fantasy websites, I’m sure you’re thankful for your cell phones and tablets.

The looks on the faces of these WWE fans after watching The Undertaker lose to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30 are priceless.

The ‘Taker had entered the evening with an undefeated 21-0 record at professional wrestling’s premier event.

In the same vein as past Star Wars, soccer badge style, hipster and modernized NFL logo redesigns, I bring you one man's attempt at the Disneyification of the National Football League.

Chris Johnson has been tackled for a loss or no gain on 410 rushes since he entered the NFL in 2008, the most during that time.

But his home runs have also been some of the most beautiful in the league over that time.

Here’s a highlight reel of Johnson’s biggest and best for everyone who has invested in him in fantasy football over his Tennessee Titans tenure.

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