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Bulls 95, Heat 88

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Happy birthday to two of the greatest athletes of all time, Michael Jordan and Jim Brown.

It’s crazy to think that February 17th yielded arguably history’s best basketball player, football player and lacrosse player.

Pretty impressive video example of Jordan Cameron’s athleticism.

Posting it because I think he breaks out of his funk this weekend and shows off versus the Jags, who rank 31st in the league against fantasy tight ends.

More of the T-shirt style jerseys.

As if I needed another reason to not watch NBA hoops.

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It is with immense pride I present the first #GotEm Xavier McDaniel GIF…

X Gon’ Give It To Ya

Love me some X-Man.

Back in college at the University of South Carolina, I once shot around with Xavier and Ty Corbin. Although neither guy attended Carolina, they were doing some offseason training in their hometown of Columbia, SC. 

And he was hilarious in Singles.

Lawrence Taylor has a very valuable bit of advice for Lamar Odom.

Don’t do it, Lamar. Seriously. Nobody knows better than LT.

Then again, maybe it’s too late. Something has to be amiss with Odom. He did marry the fat, ugly Kardashian.

Fifty year old Michael Jordan still throwing it down.

Also, please note that he is also wearing a Charlotte Bobcats version of the Air Jordan I, the single most revolutionary shoe in the history of the world.

Next season, that shoe will be teal and purple because the Hornets will be back where they belong — in Charotte.

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A Belated In Memoriam

As I perused my Tumblr dashboard earlier tonight, I came across this awesomely 80’s photo via FullMetalStarterJacket.

This pic got me reminiscing about how much I really used to dig watching Dwayne Schintzius play ball back in the day at Florida. Then, as I googled Schintzius, I found out some very saddening news.

Dwayne Schintzius passed away due to respiratory failure stemming from complications brought on by bone marrow cancer back in April earlier this year. He was only 43 years old.

I suppose I can understand how this news slipped through the cracks. Schintzius — despite playing parts of nine seasons in the NBA — was more or less a localized Florida hero. After all, he was born and raised in the Tampa area and went on to become a star center at UF. Schintzius also had one of the greatest mullets — he called it “The Lobster” — in the history of mankind and was so dedicated to his hairstyle that he twice sabotaged his basketball career in honor of the ‘do.

First, he chose to leave the University of Florida for the NBA primarily because he refused to lose “The Lobster” per the orders of interim Gators coach Don DeVoe.

Later, Schintzius actually did trim his mullet at the behest of San Antonio Spurs general manager Bob Bass. However, the disgruntled seven-footer decided to keep the clippings from his haircut and mail them to Bass in an envelope. Not long after that, and certainly not surprisingly, Schintzius was dealt to the Sacramanto Kings for forward Antoine Carr.

So, as thankful as I was to see this photo of Dwayne Schintzius — along with fellow “Florida Skyliners” Dwayne Davis and Livingston Chatman — it has clearly stirred up a bevy of mixed emotions.

In spite of his hubrus and his hairdo, Schintzius was one helluva college basketball player.

At 7’ 2” and 260 pounds, Schintzius was capable of dominating whenever the whim hit him. Unfortunately, his biggest flaw was that he lacked the motivation to capitalize on his abilities game in and game out. Throughout it all, he remains the all-time leader in blocked shots at Florida and — more than twenty years after his collegiate career ended — Dwayne Schintzius is the only player in SEC hoops history to amass more than 1,500 points, 800 rebounds, 250 assists and 250 blocks.

Now — six months after his passing — I say goodbye to a man who was a character off the basketball court and an All-American on it.

Rest in peace, Dwayne Schintzius…to you and “The Lobster.”

This is happening.

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This makes me break out in cold sweats as my jaw clenches out of control.

I wish that I could slip on my original red, black and white Air Jordans, click my heels and make Mike’s entire Wizards fiasco disappear into the ether.

Never. Shoulda. Happened.

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Jimmy Graham’s a helluva receiving TE, but he can block, too.

Man, I miss my original Air Jordans.

I still vividly remember the day my Mom bought them for me. It was my 15th birthday — so around July 18, 1970 — and the price of I believe $47 back then was unheard of. But, like I said, it was my birthday and my folks hooked me up.

Who knew how much branding and marketing and sneaker culture would change as a direct result of those shoes over the next 27 years?

Most people either overlook or simply don’t remember how revolutionary the Houston Rockets “Twin Towers” of Ralph Sampson and Hakeem Olajuwon were in the mid 80’s.

It wasn’t just their height — Sampson was 7’ 4” while Olajuwon was listed at 7’ 0” — but their individual skill levels. Both men ran the floor like smaller players while dominating defensively and on the glass.

Sampson was, at that time, considered soft for a big man because he enjoyed playing away from the basket. However, this has become a staple — especially for European big men — in the generation since.

Meanwhile, Hakeem “The Dream” used the footwork he learned growing up as a soccer player in Nigeria to become one of the NBA’s most dynamic low-post players. Modern big men beg for the opportunity to work with Olajuwon — pioneer of the “Dream Shake” move — in hopes of elevating their respective post repertoires.

The “Twin Towers” never won an NBA title together — they lost in 1986 to the Boston Celtics in six games — but they each contributed to changing the game and could have gone down as the greatest 1-2 punch in the history of big men had Sampson been able to avoid the chronic knee injuries which curtailed his greatness.